Wednesday, May 2, 2012

When the brain doesnt work

Multicolored tank Top- Lei
Cream Bandage Skirt-Random Buy
Cardigan- Old
Heart Connector Ring- Downtown Finds
Flats- Grendha via( Lava )
Heart Bracelet- Gift from boyfriend

There are times when your brain really just doesnt function, specially in picking out the right clothes. Thats why girls has always clothes cluttering on their bed everytime. As for me, if nothing really works, i grab a piece of a cute tanktop, a bandage skirt, and flats/heels (depend on my mood soles) haha and a cardigan, this classic bracelet my boyfriend gave me, and this heart connector ring. and im good to go,  works everytime. last May 1, Labor Day, time wasnt my friend, but i still managed to go out and spend the day off since it was a national holiday. I went to IT Park to amuse myself from the bazaars, but unfortunately, they were gone :( without a trace. Damn. So as i had hoped, i spent the day at Krispy Kremes, and brought my books, and papers and wrote notes instead. Though this day wasnt really all chill and relax, my cousin who accompanied me sucked all the positive energy. I dont know but he really does that sometimes :( I wish i brought my sister instead :/

Anyhoo, for those of you who didnt know, Krispy Kremes just recently opened their  first two branches here in CEBU, by recently i meant , not more than a year, and will soon open one in SM Cebu this month. 
One is located in IT Park and the other one's in Ayala.

The branch that i loved most is IT Park, i like its aambience, its very relaxing. Its also a great switch sometimes to the usual Starbucks and Coffee Bean.

Dinner for the night was Double Chocolate Muffins. Its really stuffed and costs 65 pesos only. And its really good:)
Sorry for all the bad photos, still learning the tricks of night shots.

Midsummer Exams coming up.
X and O's

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