Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Howdy? Im making the most of whats left of my "summer vacation". Sighs, time flies so fast. Haha not.
As a promise to myself, i will wear all the stuffs i bought and havent worn this summer, so im taking one day at a time, today i can scratch off this bustier dress from the list, this dress i got from an online shop called Shopeteer :) As you can see i am indulging myself to these bustier craze/trend whatever you call it, but hey can you blame me? theyre so cute yet sexy and the prints are just irresistible. As you can see from my old posts, this is the 3rd bustier i own. And yes there's more. Though we'll get to that :))
For a closer look to my bustier without this Ann Taylor Cardigan on which i used only for commuting purposes (i.e just to get rid of pervs)

 I also wore this grape-ish necklace i got from DTI bazaar sometime January of this year, this is also the first time i got to wear this, so imagine the chunk of clothes i have and UNWORN. Gosh,
 I'm a mix and match person so yes, this purplyy wedges i got from Parisian did the deed. haha

 Romwe Shades
Vintage Bag

So lucky us. Haha we were at ayala, me and my cousin at about 11am in the morning after paying our school, and then i went to do some errands for my school funds. And we were bored, so we crashed @  Starbucks, and the rained poured. Haha

 My name is Marie Coleen, and everytime i go to starbucks or any coffee shop, i always have trouble or i mean THEY always have trouble with my name which is COLEEN, soo i tried to use MARIE for quite some time now. And hey even the simplest MARIE was still murdered. MARTE? GASHHHHHHHHHHH
 Buddy of the day, my cousin Mark <3
My crappy and old phone which i love to death. Sometimes there are things that no matter how old they get and they served you well enough you can never let them go.
So wait, theres more, i had my hair cut, TERRIBLE.
You'll be the judge ;)



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