Friday, May 11, 2012

Short Breakdown

Forgive my love for shorts, but dont we all?
Ive been really fond of short shorts these days, lace, gold, and sequins, and metallics, and most of all, i got on my eyes on SNAKEPRINTS! Weird, because its so not me. Haha

I got two colors of them, theyre good for underpants as well. 2 in 1 :) Though this will be handcarry <3

A snakeskin thats MINE. in GOLD <3 this one's a preloved item i got from TNC Manila, and it just arrived!!! They really have some great finds!

Forever21 Sequined Bronze Shorts, glam up my wardrobe eh.

OMBRE Made to Order Shorts from Bubbles!! And at a very cheap price!! I also cannot wait for these to arrive!!
Lastly!! Asos gold quilted shorts!! this one's THE ONE :)

Which Short are you?
X and O's

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