Friday, May 18, 2012

One thorn down

Yes! One thorn down, finally i passed my Tourism Planning and Development Class's defense! Yes! My presentation went well, i just have to wait for my grade! Haha but anyways it was such a relief, I had to remake my PowerPoint presentation and  slept at almost 5am, woke up and 9 cause i was scheduled by 10am. Though my teacher ran a little late. But it was worth the wait!
Anyways this afternoon, our Japanese class took us to a fine dining (i.e Japanese Foods)
And I finally got the chance to wear this twist wrap tulip dress i got earlier this year and i never got the chance to wear them because first, the details look complicated which i love, thats why i bought it in the first place. 

It's actually has a batwing sleeve which i cut, because its too hot and too tight and i dont really feel it. A girls gotta be innovative you know ;)
So, i paired this with my gold belt, gold always works especially when youre wearing dark colors. And paired with this Sandals. Flats have been my bestfriend this summer, i dont wanna sweat in heels, and since i wanna feel comfortable i only opt to wear a necklace.


Anyway im really sorry with the quality of my photos :( I really dont know whats wrong with my camera's settings :( Im still trying to figure this out. Sighs. 
Im gonna test drive it again tomorrow. And you might notice the repetition of this background. Well that means i do outfit shots before i leave the house. All thanks to my sister and her blurry photos. No just kidding.
Here's a little snapshots of todays Japanese dinner:

Not really a fan of raw foods but i went home bloated! haha

So, i gotta hit the sheets, i need all the sleep i can get!
Have a wonderful weekend!

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