Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Malapascua Photo Diary (Part 1)

 The beach. Of course. here's a series of photos from Frances Louraine's cam. The underwater cam :)

 Romwe Sunnies
 HW swimwear from Shopeteer
 Marian Mei :)
 Marian, me and Demie
 Underwater Shots (Sea)

 playing asleep haha

2nd day (Made to Order Swimwears from Miss C)
 Romwe and Oakley
 Frances and her VS bikini Top :) moi and Marian Mei

 One of the too many failed attempts of Underwater Shots

 Girlies <3
 Some firedance practice we bumped into
 Our native light. So cute :)

 Sorry for the bad quality of these images. Blame facebook. Haha
All photos from Frances Louraine's cam.

X and O's

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