Sunday, May 20, 2012

A different date


Crochet Cover Up-Thrifted
Accessories-Downtown Finds
Heart ring-F21
Brown Flower ring-Gifted
gold belt- yrys
Studded bag-Gift

Last Saturday I took my sister out on a date for some relaxing feel, cause she was at home all week helping me with the grands, so i think she deserves a break. Dont we all?
First up, this crocheted outfit that i wore was just a cover up to my inner outfit that i wore. Because i feel like its too sexy and you ride on a taxi on it makes me feel uncomfy. And surprisingly it worked, its the first chance also that i got to wear this crocheted cover up, I can still remember when i bought this and told myself that i will not look around and will only buy this. But well yeah, i think you all know the end of the story. 
So what is underneath?

Oasap Detachable Collar
Shopeteer Cream Lace Corset
TNC Manila Snakeskin  high-waist Shorts
Old leopard pumps

So this is whats underneath, too sexy for taxi. Haha
Did the color fit perfectly? Gold collar, cream corset, snakeskin and leopard?
I think it blended well perfectly.
My hair is too messy and long, ive been really thinking of cutting it out, before classes start though, so 4 days from now, summer classes ends!! Im so happy everything went perfectly well, i hope haha:)
For my corset and shorts, finally took them out for a spin, yes, its also their first time out haha
and for my old pumps, theyve been serving me for almost 4 years now, theyre a little damaged on the heel part, but i just couldnt let it go. Its one of the shoes that has served me long enough and well, we had out memories haha
For the collar that Oasap sent me, which i know all of you are dying in cuteness, or are you not? Its still available @ oasap.
Click here.
They ship free and 20 percent discount on your first order! Get yours now!

Anyway here's the main part of the day!
We dined at Dessert Factory and well, ordered the usual!!

 Till then :)

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