Thursday, May 17, 2012


Puffed Sleeve Cropped Blazer- Old
Striped Bodycon Skirt- F21
Gold Sandals-Vince Camuto
Floral Thin Belt- YRYS
Sailor Top-Lets Stylize!

Time for a quick post! A stress breaker! As of the moment I am re doing my Powerpoint Presentation for my oral defense. Re oral defense to be exact. Wore this outfit TODAY, and unlucky me. Haha But anyway, fashion keeps me going to school you know. And im just soo excited because summer classes are about to end. So tomorrow for my re oral defense im keeping my fingers crossed, im gonna nail this! I hope :(
But hey lets be positive.
Please let me end this summer class with at least a passing  grade! haha

Anyhoo, im gonna go back with my presentation! Wish me luck! XD


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