Saturday, May 5, 2012

A date with self

Hello Everyone!
Midsummer has been nerve wracking (i.e niponngo)
And still is, i seriously cannot wait for summer classes to end. Ugh. Anyway, just today, i know its weird, i had a date with myself. :) It sound weird but its actually pretty healthy. You guys should try it sometime. So given that the boyfriend is out of the country and im really itching to watch The Avengers, i watched the  movie alone today. And it was fun, considering that i was seated between two lovers, i couldnt care less. I was in the movie. It was a great movie by the way, though i seriously wish i took some outfit shots before i left home. FAIL!
My cousin and i arent really on a speaking terms haha one of the possible reasons why im alone watching a movie at the cinema, aside from the members of the family who watched their heart out on IMAX and didnt even bother to invite me :( this summer classes has been stressing me out! :( summer is supposed to be fun and colorful. Anyway, enough with the rant, as ive said, i had a date with myself, so here are some few snapshots that'll give you a clue on what i did :)

Picked up a bag of BUSTIERS from Ukay Shopeteer.
You'll see more on this soon :) Just keep posted!
 And of course ONE movie ticket. Oh i had dinner too, with myself. Haha, Sorry for these crappy photos, i only had my phone with me.
Seat G19, thats on the center, 19 means a lot to me. Maybe thats why i never felt alone. Awwe. Okay enough.
The after effect of date with self. :)
I couldnt contain myself, i was happy, i enjoyed it!
Now back to my stressful and toxic summer -.-

X and O's

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