Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coming Up and Just in

I finally felt the remains of my summer vacation. Through sleeping when it rains, and of course, major love hobby. I think you know what i mean. Yesterday me and my sister went to Gaisano Grand for some Belly to be grilled for dinner, i love to grill. Haha Actually there's a Robinsons Supermarket nearer in our place but my subconscious betrayed me by choosing Gasiano Grand. I love their selections, well partly.
 <333 this is love
This is an inspiration i found @

And this is the finished product. I got them @ My fashion Craze. Theyre made to order but they also sell designs on their own for as low as 280 pesos :) They are Cebu Based. Its pretty decent cause they can really follow your inspiration. Thank you so much!! Cant wait to get them.

And well, i am a shoeholic, as you can see, but you will see. As promised to self, this will be my last shoe for the year :( But if on a bargain situation thats a different story haha I wanted something yummy or something candy colored for my shoe collection. This one's still coming, you can get them @ Ukay Shopeteer.
These arent really ukay (pre-loved)  but she sells some too :)  She also sells bustiers, half of my bustier collection came from this store! :) Annnnd, i alsooo got a sequined gold bondage skirt which i cannot wait. Come Saturday!
And some High Waist Trousers from Best Finds Thrift Shop for 150 pesos. Steal right?
from their anniversary sale.
Soo here's me on my facebook online shopping craze. Fingers crossed this shall stop. Hopefully i will no longer be frustrated -.-

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