Thursday, April 19, 2012

Summer Class

Striped Top with Crocheted Back Detail-DNA Couture
Shoulper Puffed Semi Blazer- Thrifted
Pants (Old)
Mustard Pointy Kitten Heel- Old Shoes
Floral Drop Down necklace- Downtown Finds
Sunnies- Romwe
Floral Bag- Soho

If youve been following my blog then you'll know im enrolled in summer classes. So on my first day of class i wore this simple-as-always-combo when going to class.
Though on a positive note of summer classes is that its a fast pace. It ends fast you'll never know. So im getting the hardest subjects at this time. haha I dont know if that works if i sound stupid or making any sense but i just have the feeling that taking the hardest on the fastest time> Haha
So lets not confuse your brains guys. Anywayy, i am totally lovin my new floral bag, from Soho. Its like a replica of le sport sac, but this comes with a cheaper price. Haha Let's see if i get what i pay on this one. It has lots of dividers, thats very helpful for all my summer class essentials. Anyway, im dozing off to bed.

Till then,
X and O's


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