Monday, April 16, 2012





Vintage Floral Dress- Mom's
Braided Belt- YRYS
Accessories-Downtown Finds
Pink Shades- Romwe

Whats supposed to be the first day of school turned out to be a continued vacay for moi. Haha. First Days, teachers always bails. So i fetch my sister,

Went to SM, bought some stuffs for my room makeover, and chilled over Starbucks.

Nothing beats Coffee Jelly.

Anyway moving on, i also got myself a pair of Tennis Shoes/Gym Shoes. Its Floral btw, in black. Haha
And 3 pairs of Candy Colored Striped Socks from PUMA, which i got for sale. Great steal by the way.
I also decided to skip gym this months, because i still have to fix my schedule and adjust to it. :(
I cant believe im taking summer classes.
I also went to the post office earlier :)
Anyhoo, all these i did, and took my mom's vintage dress which im absolutely lovin.
I grabbed this when i saw it in her closet. She has this for like 20 plus years ago. 
More like 2 decades. ;)
And cinched my waist, with my braided belt from YRYS, which i got for 50 pesos. Another steal huh?
And took these new babies for a spin, my Vince Camuto Summer Brown Lucky Vachetta which my boif got me for Valentines.<3
These are the most AMAZING FLATS ever, and the most comfortable. Imagine me, traveling to the north post office from the south, and fetched my sister farther more from the post office and went to SM Cebu, shopped for stuffs, walking and walking. Until the sun finally sets, i swear i didnt feel any tiredness from my feet!! Heaven Sent!
More over than that, i just found the perfect booties, perfect=comfort and style. From Parisian:
And no, i didnt buy this, though i am on it. Haha still im a little confused. Sighs. Its actually on sale. 

X and O's


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