Sunday, April 15, 2012

Left in Cebu

Floral Corset Top- I.T Park Bazaars (Miss C)
Heart leopard Sunnies-Charlotte Russe
Braided yellow Belt- YRYS
Mint Shorts- DIY
Leopard Bag- SM Dept. Store
Necklace- SM Dept. Store
Teddy Connector Ring- Downtown Finds
White Heart Ring- Forever 21
Cuffed Bracelet- Downtown Finds
Leopard Wedges- Qupid

Finally! I have ransacked Ayala. Haha I kid.
Finally, i was able to get my butt off the house and mingle with other people (i.e=family) Hahahah Yeah i know, the same people im with in the house, but a different atmosphere for us did the trick.:)
This is the final DIY that i was talking about, I know its a bit untidy since i had to use black threads. Whats wrong with me? Hahaha  And im loving this new corset i bought at IT Park's bazzaar. <3
Since we have cousins around for the summer, what to do?
I guess you all know what. Hahaha
Mall rats.

X and O's
P.S Hype my look here :)

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