Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just In: Romwe Baroque Shades, Romwe Assymetrical Skirt, Playful Prints (Top and Bottom), T-Strap leopard heels

 This baroque shades is a replica/inspired by Prada's baroque Sunglasses.
The famous asymmetrical/hi-low/mullet skirt
 Playful prints top and bottom which i got at a surplus shop @ SM for a good bargain ;)

After weeks of hiatus, here i am again, showing everyone my JUST IN items:)
Ive been very busy with summer classes, seriously, its such a fast pace, specially in my Niponggo Class, its crazzyyyy fast. My classes starts at 2:30 and ends at 7:30pm. And im wiped out :(
And there's not much to post also, my daily outfits are not post worthy hahaha though i still manage to keep things interesting, through my flats. (i.e: Vince Camuto) Haha and accessories, or my sunshine belt perhaps. But anyway, HOPEFULLY and fingers crossed i will be able to update my outift posts this weekend, as I have been planning for a salon day, or more like THE AVENGERS day. Haha but we;ll see, aside from that im battling whether to go to this Go-See or not :/
Summer is a PAIN, the heat is insane!! And i smell no beach :(
Damn classes :/ Speaking of heat, i just got myself:
Maybelline's Baby Lips, my summer essential ;) It has SPF20 that rejuvenates lips in one week. Though i havent really used this for a week, but we'll see haha
Im really sorry for all my bad photos :( I can only take photos during night time, IN my room. Because im asleep at daytime haha
Speaking of sleep,, the only thing that fast-forwards time, pauses everything. Im gonna hit the sheets now!
X and O's

So i just happen to meet the new 500 Peso Bill! HAAHAHAH
Now lets whack your brain!
Oyasumi Nasai!
Mata Kite Kudasai!!

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