Monday, April 30, 2012

Gold and Grey

Grey Top with Tassels - Old and DIY-ed
Grey Pants- Penshoppe
Metallic Gold belt- YRYS
Sequined Detachable Collar-OASAP
Accessories- Downtown Finds
Bowler hat- Romwe
Leopard Print bag- SM Dep. Store
T-Strap leopard heels- Bazaar

A Sunday full of errands, the T-strap heels which i got as a great steal, turned out to be you get what you pay. Its not really that comfortable, but i survived the whole afternoon till night. Haha. I finally got this OASAP sequined collar, ive been waiting for this for like ever. Post Office notice really has its delays.
Thank you for sending these over! I love detachable collars dont you? it adds statements in every simple clothing you wear, like this grey shirt, which the tassels by the way are DIY, i saw on Romwe's page of a girl and her DIY and i got inspired. So i made one. Sunday also, is church day, so i opted to wear this grey pants, because theyre hidden for quite some time in my closet haha and of course flaunt something new which is my shoes. And lastly, my electric blue bowler hat, just because. :)

Ive been really busy with school lately, as ive said fast pace. But the good part about summer class is we dont get to wear our uniform, so i get to experiment my clothes and im actually enjoying itt. though theyre not really post worthy, just some top and jeans combo, and some cover ups, a little kitten heel shoes, and some fancy flats, or summer flats.

How was your summer so far?
X and O's

I have recieved a lot of appreciation from the collars ive been posting, feel free to check it at OASAP.
They ship free and they also give 25 percent off on your first orders! :)

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