Friday, April 13, 2012

Farewell yet. My zigzag wedges

Remember the zigzag wedges I got for my first online shopping treat? Well its a month old. And i still havent worn them. :(
Its a bit big for me. Im a US 6.5 and EU 37.
And i ordered US 7 and EU 38.
Sadly, ive been drooling since I saw these wedges, and when i finally got them. In a wrong size? After one month, its not meant to be. But on a lighter note, I found something, similar. Which i think was meant to be.
So i'm selling my zigzag wedges to all ladies out there who has the same taste that i have for shoes. Im calling out to all size 8 ladies.

Photo's are not mine. Theyre from the store that i got it from. Theyre SOLD OUT.
Im selling this for 1,800 pesos.
Original Price is 2699.
Though Prices are negotiable. :)
I hope you can help me dispatch this! Thank you. :)

If you dont happent to see the link on the first sentences of my post click here.
This should prove that im not faking this shoes!
And im sad to say that this shoes il be selling is only open to Philippine Residents only. Why? Because international shipping , will cost you more than the original price :)

1 comment:

  1. aaw, i like but unfortunately im a size 9-10 :( thats why im hesitant to order online cause my feet is too big


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