Wednesday, April 11, 2012

DIY Projects

Hey everyone!
How was Easter Break? :)
For me im on a LOT of projects! DIY projects! Ive been keeping myself busy with DIY projects! Im not gonna show you what i made. But here's a little glimpse. Just photos i googled :)
I have done two so far. First up is:
A teardrop gold studded longlseeve polo sheer top/ can be worn as cardigan :D

Not exactly my polo but this will do. Let your imagination fly.
So what i did, i placed teardrop beads in gold. All over in random positions.
Something like this:

I cant find anything on google similar to what i made.
Next up:
Mint Shorts with pearls and sequins:)

Mine is actually cuffed :)
With pink sequined beads on the details. Cuffs, the belt  part and the pocket linings.
My fave combo.
And left part of the shorts, i added pearls on them and since im so tired in sewing. Yes its personally hand sewed:) I accidentally cut myself also :(
I decided to tear the right part. I forgot the exact term for that haha but anyway. Ill be posting them soon ;)

Next project is an easy peas.
Just a pure denim shorts with pearls and gold studs!!
Though on the other hand, things have just gotten pretty busy right now. Ill be sulking myself in school to pass SUMMER time. :(

Enrollment is going on.
Room makeover is half undone. Still have to get things to tidy this room and to make room for my shoes. to keep the boxes or to throw them away?

Lastly, as a stress reliever ill be enrolling at the GYM! Yes im keeping myself fit. Haha As if. But we'll see;)
Soo in relation to that im gonna get myself, for the love of GYM, a SNEAKERS!!
I dont have one you know. Since i finished all my Physical Education classes i discarded my sneakers haha
Though on a much confusing note, i am torn on which to buy.
A sneakers?
A tennis shoes?

Lots of love. Ill be right back.

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