Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's in a Collar?

If you happen to notice, collars just became a trend. Yes, collars.
The, Detachable Collars.
It can spice up a simple outfit and could be a necklace at the same time. How useful right?
Well, tonight, i just placed my first order @ Oasap.
And yes, its a detachable collar.
A bib necklace.
Pearl Detail Bib Collar
A pearl necklace.
Peter Pan Collar as they call it.
Aren't they lovely?
They are.
They really are.
And i seriously can't wait to get my hands on them.
Fingers crossed.

It's very affordable, so if you're lusting for detachable collars, get one now!
Oasap SHIPS FREE WORLDWIDE! How cool is that?

Here's more choices for you guys!
Its under the necklace category ;)
Lace and Cony Hair Detail Bib Collar
If you're so girly then this is a recommendation.

Pearl and Cony Hair Detail Bib Collar
It also comes with Pearl :)

And of course my Pearl Collar (photo above).
Now what are you waiting for?
Did i say they have the best customer service?
One of the Top Women's Street Fashion online.

Watch out for more posts!! :)


  1. such a lovely post. i love the pearl-style

  2. i love the pearl one... i need some detachable collars too, i'm so ready and kinda late on this trend already but still.... gotta buy some soon.

    cheers, Carla

  3. Its never too late carla! Get one now! :) You can start or make the trend a comeback. visit Oasap now :)


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