Saturday, March 31, 2012


No. Not me.
March has always been a Graduation month. Of course here in our country.
As for this year, someone from our family has finally graduated highschool. And that's my brother.

My brother and I, we go along very well. We're like buddies <3 And it really makes my heart fly with joy to finally see him reaping what he sow.
We're tight like that! Matching toga and wide leg pants to show my dedication for his graduation. Haha I kid. I really did not have any slightest idea that their toga was gonna be blue. Even my sister wore her electric blue flats. We really are related. Haha
Thats me, itching to graduate also. In college. Haha
My loves <3
My sister and I are very happy to see him graduate. So thats US, ready to kick off the after party! haha
Though MY BADDEST BAD, my cam was acting up and drained her battery on this special day so i was only able to take few and some bad photos haha forgive me.
So to all graduates out there, no matter what level you are graduating! Its a new journey to face! Congratulations!
Be strong! Be Brave!
Ask God for guidance always!
We love you!!

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