Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Arrival and A Clearance Sale

Look what stepped knocked on Carlo's doorstep?
The detachable collar from Oasap!
The one ive been telling you about.
Though Carlo might be delayed in going home :( I cannot use this ASAP, ive opt to send all items to US cause the shipping is quite fast. Compared to Philippines.
But anyway, i was super duper excited when he showed me the package!
So, guys, OASAP ships free AND fast, very fast.
I couldn't say more. No hassle at all.
To keep things more exciting OASAP is on CLEARANCE SALE, everything must go. Arent you all excited ladies? Dresses to choose from?

To pick a few, here's some choices i'd like. And a preview for you too of course. Just click on that image and you'll be directed to the product in no time.
Rococo Elegance Flower Embellished Dress

Rococo Elegance Flower Embellished Dress

Day to night dresses and in a creamy pastel color. Must be Spring talking, or in my country Summer.
I loved its floral detail that cinched the waist line. Dont you?
Bow Embellished 2in1 Lace Knit Dress

Bow Embellished 2in1 Lace Knit Dress

So why is it 2in1? C'mon the contrast colors screams for 2 in 1. In fresh watermelon color and a bow? I'm such a sucker for bows and KNITS! I've been all about it these past few weeks. HAHA

Lace Shoulder Ruffled Chiffon Sash Dress

Lace Shoulder Ruffled Chiffon Sash Dress

Simple but elegant. The shoulder details are made with lace, the ruffles look really feminine and i like the color. Toffee. Reminds me of Starbucks a book in hand and this dress :)

Elegant Ruffled Chiffon Sash Tank Dress

Elegant Ruffled Chiffon Sash Tank Dress

Its for sale and i could not believe it. Grab em while you still can, this dress is perfect for a summer night dates. Because summer/spring is all about bright colors, bold and of course pastels. Forgive me if im to dressy, i just love dresses. Haha So if you're style is same as mine, then? What are you waiting for?
Get one now.
But it! Before it's gone!
Enjoy shopping ladies!


New detachable collars! And this one goes to my shopping bag
Thank you very much OASAP for my pearl detachable collar!
 Faceted Stone Detail Sequined Bib Collar

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