Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Still on a Hype

I know? Its another episode from my Chronicles of a Newbie in Online Shopping!
YES AGAIN! Another package :))
Im still on this hype. HAHA
But before that, can you guys take a look at this unique packaging? I was amazed, like seriously when i received this. It was a meet up btw, the owner of the shop was a schoolmate :)
Anyway, back to this great packaging, i'd say its ECO friendly! And cute! It looks exquisite compared to plastic:)

Trendy Junkies caters great pre-loved clothes & accessories at a very affordable price.

Shop away guys! Haha But anyway before you get onto that, lemme give you a quick

Preview of whats inside.

Nice cloth eh?

Will reveal soon!! :)

On a lighter and random note:
I just got my first NEW 100 peso bill! Teehheee


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