Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our Mr.Debonaire, The Prom King in our hearts! :)

Hi Guys! You might be wondering what we are doing in our lovely gowns and tux! But the title speaks for itself! It's my little brother's Junior and Seniors Prom and luckily? No i kid. Luckily, I was given the honor to be part of it, ME , a 21 year old college student, attending a Seniors prom. Haha
Funny right?
Thats my sister and her escort, actually my sister here is actually a guest also. Haha
Isnt it crazy? Me and my siblings on a prom. Well i think it is. It's once in a lifetime haha
Its her first prom :)
Sorry im stuck with bad photos im still learning the tricks of these kinds of lights and night shots -.-
But moving on.
Thats me in a sequined blue feathery gown, designed by one of our local designers Kate Bacayo :)
Some back details of the gown.:)
Bad photo. Haha
Vintages :)
The Cinderella shoes.
I call this my Cinderella shoes, cause it was some sort of peace offering from the boyfriend when i received this! Haha
Hair and Make up by : Moi ;)
Thats US and all grown up:)
It was a great experience! Since I had to dance the cotillion without practice. Zero practice. Haha because my brother's class included me in the list. My gawd!


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