Thursday, February 23, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

Summer's almost coming and one of summer essentials are Sunglasses, or for more cuter term:
First sunnies i got in preparation for summer is:
Pink Frames Honey Sunglasses

Pink Frames Honey Sunglasses

Arent they cute? Its actually limited edition i had to throw tantrums just to get this. Lol I was afraid it might get sold out in just a few minutes, for now we're still waiting for the package to arrive :)

Next up:
Young at Heart Sunglasses
Young at heart Sunnies from Charlotte Russ in brown/leopard.
Ive given this a consideration the first time i laid eyes on them but in the long run, i thought id look funny on these. Haha But hey, its cheaper than you thought, and its 100% UV protection. But then the boyfriend, decided to buy this for me on his stay at Athens Texas. So do i have a choice? Haha I kid.

Lastly, i dont have this in hand, not right now BUT, im lusting over this:
keeping the summer list short :( ahaha


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