Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Hearts Day!

While the boyfriend is away, I had a pre valentines date with my sister. We watched a movie, The Vow. Which I waited for like six months? And seriously, i didnt like the ending :( Hahah No one died though. But it was still worth it! Haha And we had dinner @ Canvass resto! It was a Saturday sooo, I had to wear school clothes also, but anyway. Here's my ensemble!
I'm wearing:
Beaded Top- Thrifted
Katharine Jett Cream Blazer/Trench
Forever 21 Skirt
And my trusted Oxford Leopard Wedges
Rings and Earrings- Downtown Finds
Lavender Necklace-DTI Bazaars

Here's a closer look at my top, im lovin the beads!
Since skirt is allowed in school i decided to wear my Taupe Forever 21 bondage skirt because its the only safest bet for school! Haha and this Oxford Wedges that's been with me for 2 years? Or 3? It helps since it was raining and wearing sky high footwears aren't really ideal. This Oxfords has just enough inches to add some height and very comfortable to walk around the mall, since its sort of a girls date! Haha And this cream Katharine Jett because the weather was cold.

To top it off, we loved our meal from Canvass! Thanks Canvass! :))
It was a hell lot of fun!

So here's me and my sister and I'm lovin her white blazer, which is mine by the wayy, and i just don't feel like i look good on it! Haha

Back on today, I spent Valentines day sleeping, attending classes, and CONTRACT SIGNING! HAHAH yessss, i just signed an exclusive contract for Bridal Clicks which is gonna happen this weekend! I Cant wait! I'm so excited! I also went malling alone and around a sea of people and their flowers and stuffs.
But no envy here haha I was happy, surprisingly.
And i got myself two pair of earrings!
for 20 pesos! What a steal huh? I just wish i could show it to you guys! :( I will soon! Haha
Pretty much, i thought my day would end in going home, but as i turned on my computer, something was waiting for me on my wall. A surprise from the boyfriend, from Texas!!

A Vince Camuto Beaded Flats! <333
So how was your V-day? ;)

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