Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tell me something

Finally, i have rummaged the bazaars of SM. A joint project of DTI. Means more accessories! And yes. I got something. Haha Something purple. ;) Will reveal soon.
More over I also got myself a silk electric blue wide leg pants! From Salad Dressing, Found on the SALE rack. More than a steal. Got it for a Hundo! HAHA ;p
Anyway, moving on, i always feel like heaven whenever i walk to an accessory shop, so forgive me i haven't had the luxury of time to take more shots :( but here's a few.
Took this from the store where i bought my new purple shades of accessories ;)

What I wore?
Black Inner Spag- Balikbayan Box, Accessories- Abellana Bazaars, Flats- Lipstick. Floral Lace Bag- Vintage, The Rest are THRIFTED ;)


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