Sunday, February 22, 2015

Coming Back

After a very long hiatus (prolly my longest one) and after a very intense debate with myself, i am now back to blogging. If you have been following me on instagram (@mariecoleeen) there's few updates to fill you in every now and then but to make it short, during those months of me being  on hiatus, a lot of things has happened.

I lost my dearest grandmother who holds the biggest space in my heart, got a job and left the job, met someone amazing and eventually fell in love, got a new job which by the way is one of the major influence as to why i am back to writing. 

Now on to my outfit, i chose this certain outfit as my comeback post because this photo speaks a lot, its an end and a beginning, wore this outfit on the last day with my Grandmother. Its an end to her life and a new beginning to mine without her. Just like a new beginning for this blog. Hoping to be able to continue to update this from time to time. And if youre really someone else aside from me reading this blog. Thank you!


WAGW White Dress
SM Parisian Pointed Slingbacks
WWW from SM Dept Store Black Clutch Bag

Monday, July 14, 2014

Grey Day

I know that my last post was entirely about my crowning glory and how I wanted it long and wavy or curly. Whichever. Don't get me wrong, that's still what I want for myself. But in this lifetime, I also want spontaneity. I want to experience a great deal of things in life. Hence, the bob. I've always, always wanted to try to get a bob cut. I mean I've been sporting the bob during my childhood years, but that my dear is a different story. I definitely want to try it now. Now that I'm actually aware what a bob is. And ive been telling myself. If not now, when? So right then and there, I decided to get my hair cut. Although there were a few things wrong right here. I wanted a shoulder length bob. Or the medium bob. But as you can see its much shorter. And lastly, the straightening didn't work. But I am savoring my new do nonetheless. 

Top- Bazaar Find | Skirt-WAGW | Ipanema Sandals

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hair it is

Okay. So i cut my hair. No big deal. It was foreseen actually! But wait, its actually a big deal! Huhu because the length of my hair is only nice for straight hairs. But my natural locks are big and wavy and i have a really thick hair. Ugh. But moving on, im glad i got rid of my ombre. It was nice for a while. But now i want to tone down my look. 

And due to this event of my life. I have come to realize that, i can NEVER ever picture myself having a permanent straight hair anymore. Which is what i was accustomed to growing up. 

I will always miss my big waves. And the fact how those waves are so effortless. I dont even brush my hair. And the thing with straight hair is they look so prim and proper. I like my curls very well. They look fun! So with that said, once my hair would grow back in its usual bra length, im off to the salon again for what seems like an annual digital perm. 

Im such a bun kinda girl. So perm works for me. As of this writing i also realized a lot of things, like the fact that i am knowing myself more. Okay now that sounds deep. Familiar view right?
Well for those who know me will know where i am. And yes i paid a visit to my dear alma mater. Which i miss so much already. Ohh the days of financially dependent is long gone. Actually i just went there to check on my TOR and Diploma which is alas, unavailabe for me just yet. And went off to Jonas Borces for my hair! Of course i think you know which is the post and pre haircut photos. 

Do tell which one you think suits me?
Id love to know! xo

Old Gold Shirt
Forever21 Jeans
Choies Heels
Old necklace
Accessorize Bag

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Can you feel my love affair with crop tops? It has really evolved this summer. I dont know why. 

Wore this ensemble to lunch with a friend and to pick up my USB full of series episodes. Which my friend kindly downloaded for me! If youre reading this Franc, thanks again! I still owe you! 

Aside from the evolution of my cropped top collection. My shopping skills has also taken me to another level. And thats being wiser. I can now leave clothes i really really like, so i can think about them and so i wont have dead clothes in my closet anymore. This cropped top was one of those, there were only two left and  f21 was going to close for the Holy Week so i had a lot of time to think if i should be getting it. And if its for me. It will still be there when i get back. Thats one of my shopping mantras. 

And lo and behold. Its really mine for the taking! Im not saying im super wiser. Im still weak when it comes to shopping but this is a milestone! 

F21 top
Wagw shorts
Sm parisian heels

Friday, June 27, 2014

Parisian Life

Welcome to La Vie Parisienne! If youre from Cebu you'll definitely know this place. And it is not flocked by Cebuanos nowadays but also with tourists! La Vie Parisienne is a winery and deli at the same time. They sell french goodies like bread and wine. Imported from France. As for the breads, only the ingredients are French. Anyway, La Vie Parisienne has become so popular for Cebuanos because of its scenic and very picturesque place. Which you will see in the next following photos since i am lost for words on how to describe the place. 

One of the best croissants in town. Of course since its really legit. HAHA
The famous swing.

Caught Instagramming. HAHA
This is how it looks like when the sun starts to set and the artificial lights come alive. 
Truth be told, this place is quite mainstream here in Cebu, this place gets crowded at night, so if you wanna go there and take pictures, be sure to arrive early, like 3 in the afternoon to avoid lots of people. 

Topshop Top
TNC Manila Shorts
F21 booties

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Wore this outfit to school. Yes i went back there because im hung over. Jk. I actually went with my cousin who's attending USC this June! Yey! 

Outfit inspired by Emily Thorne. All businesslike and casual rolled into one. 

f21 pants
Sm parisian pumps

Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Remember about my sister going to and fro my moms and gramps? Well youve seen my send off outfit, now youre seeing my getting her outfit! Haha

Dropped by Gap Cebu's official launching as well! 

F21 top
Stiles Shorts
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