Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Subtle Sexy and Valentines Day

Hello from 2016! Lets backtrack to the holiday's in the spirit of Chinese New Year! haha I know that I prolly dont make sense so whatever. Lets get on with the outfit! I know that the holidays is over except for CNY, but this ensemble isnt limited to the holidays because hello Valentines? Wether you are single or in a relationship Valentines is for everybody in my personal opinion. Also, Valentines can be everyday. You dont need a boyfriend if you dont have one. Spend time with yourself, learn to be comfortable in your own skin, do your make up dress up, go out or grab your sister, cousin, mom and girlfriends and have an awesome Valentines together. Its about spreading the love. All kinds of love in the world.

A sexy midi dress is perfect for any dates whoever that might be (girlfriends, family, boyfriend). Also, if youre not really the hubadera type you can throw on some blazer/cardigan and you get this look!

I really love this dress btw, it screams sexy but classy in every aspect!

If you ask me where I wore this? I actually wore this off to a bazaar and dinner. Thats it. Felt like I wanted to glam up that day sooo hihi
Dress-Online Buy
Flats- Tutum

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

All White and Update Post

Dont you love the interior in this? I have always loved interior design. If I could do college all over again, I'd take that course up. Speaking of Interior, this brings us to an update!

Update: I am no longer in the real estate industry BUT I still sell real estate if I have interested clients. I am currently connected to Kenneth Cobonpue. I am still in Sales. This ensemble is actually what I wore when I got the job offer! Which is very fitting since I will be selling high end furnitures and I have an affair for everything interior. So I am pretty excited what this job will teach me.

Opted to wear an all white outfit with a pop of floral. I wanted to look clean and crisp still with a touch of girly girl in me hence the headband.

Top- Surplus Shop
Blazer- bazaar Find
Shoes-Cotton On

Monday, January 23, 2017

Most Comfortable Culottes Ever

Hi everyone! I know I havent been consistent with publishing new entries and that's fine. Haha. So you might be wondering why the first photo looks like it came from a childrens party and not the most comfy culottes ever? Fear not. The most comfiest cullotes ever is coming and it is what I wore to attend my baby niece's first birthday party!
Taddaaaa! I got this from Wet Seal and well Im not even exaggerating when I say its SOOO comfy. This might be my favorite culotte romper that I own. So fitting that its red and I am off to a birthday parteeeh!

I have always pictured myself wearing heels with this one but alas, my baby brother was part of the attendees and its really hard to carry babies in heels so I just wore my trusty Cotton On sparkly pair so that I would look festive for the party.

Romper-Wet Seal
Flats-Cotton On

Friday, January 6, 2017

Boracay 2016 and my little secret

Let me tell you a secret. This is actually my first time to step foot in Boracay. Yup, Ive lived in the Philippines for 26 years in my life and I have never been to Boracay. To be honest, my first opinion of Boracay was OVERRATED. What with Bantayan Island all within my reach. But It all changed when I actually went there. Let me bore you with the story as to why I was there in the first place. It started with Cebu Pacific and their Seat Sales. It was very random, me choosing Boracay was also very random. We went there around November of last year and i heard that, that season was actually the most perfect time to visit Boracay because its off peak season which means there are less people (but for me it wasnt even less), hotel and activity rates are also very much affordable. Getting there was a nightmare though all thanks to Cebu Pacific. Our flight was supposedly at 1PM but it got delayed and eventually got cancelled and we were re-booked to 8PM and re routed to Kalibo so we had to travel to Caticlan, one day got wasted because of the damn airline. You get what you pay for and WORST. We got to Boracay Island around 1am and we were pretty darn exhausted! But amidst the flight fiasco what greeted us the next day was beyond worth it.

 On our first morning in Boracay, we already pre-arranged activities that we can do. There are TONS of things you can do in Boracay but we chose Parasailing and Helmet Diving because duh I can always paddle board and Kayak in Cebu? We went Parasailing first and MAAAANNNN it was UNREAL! Im not even sure how many ft up high we went. It was very SURREAL. It felt like one of my dreams. You can see the WHOLE island up there. I would definitely do it ALL over again. After the activity we were supposedly scheduled for helmet diving but I opted to have it the next day since I got seasick from the speedboat.

 What a first timer's gotta do? Explore the island! Which I did and I was blown away by how Boracay is. It is like a little city on an island. Rows and rows of souvenir shops, restaurants of all kinds, convenience shops, starbucks, you name it Boracay prolly has it. I was amazed by the fact that I get to wear a bikini inside McDonalds! The island girl and the city girl in me approves! I finally understood why Boracay has become a top destination for travelers all over the world even though its overrated. Its overrated for a reason. Although I really must point out that the TAXES are OVERPRICED and RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE. Not to mention the 5 min boat ride to the Island from Caticlan Port, 100php? EXPENSIVE!

 But it was so damn worth it. Every cent.The experience was worth it. Just look at that gorgeous sunset.

 On our first night on the island, I wanted to experience the night life. The next morning I got me some morning taho fix. I swear every morning I was there, I bought taho since it was just right outside our Hotel. Speaking of Hotel, I highly recommend Alice Boracay Hotel. We booked through Agoda. Its very affordable considering you are several steps away from the beach, it is in front of a police station which makes you feel safe as a tourist and it's surrounded by restaurants and convenience stores like 7/11 and the local ones. I would definitely book there again the next time I come back.

 On our second day we went Helmet Diving and I swear you would want to try Diving after the experience. It was MAGICAL. I would also highly recommend this activity provider as he has the cheapest offers there in Boracay, but you can also haggle if you opt to arrange activities there. I forgot his name but this is his number 09087647670. 

For our last night in Boracay we went all out seafood for our dinner. Explored some more. Hit the beach. Eat. Ahhh I relish those moments. Boracay, I have underestimated you and for that you have my word that I will always be coming back for you. I must admit, I missed portions of my life judging this amazing island!

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