Monday, July 3, 2017

Zaful Wishlist

HI everyone! I know I have been raving about Zaful so much and Im gonna show you why by letting you guys take a peek at some of my wishlist. Ginghams are all the rage this year if you havent noticed and I particularly like this trend so its obvious that some of the wishlist I have are ginghams and wrap dresses! Enjoy!

Button Up Puff Sleeve Striped Blouse

I have seen this top all over the internet. Its a polo/offshoulder top. You know the trend! 

Striped Straps A Line Dress

I love A-Line Dresses. Personally this one, I think is a classic!

Sequins Scoop Neck Half Sleeve Dress

Shirt Dresses are my favorite thing to wear. Theyre so comfy and this one screams elegance considering its a shirt dress! Yes?

Plunge Ruffle Striped Top With Belt 

This top screams nautical to me. Its perfecct for summer. Casual to Semi Formal I think this can do!

Cap Sleeve Wrap Graphic Mini Dress

Because who doesnt love floral wrap dresses?

Checked Plunge Romper 

And this screams 50s to me, which happens to be my favorite ERA!

Ruffle Hem Belted Checked Skirt

And lastly a gingham skirt! Nothing beats black and white!

Check them out now!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Virgin Island

 Welcome to Virgin Island! Where only virgins can enter! HAHAHA Kidding aside. Its actually my first time to visit this wonderful island. It can be reached via pumpboat from Bantayan Island. Its a must side trip when you are in Bantayan Island. If you liked Bantayan Island you'll love Virgin Island. Reminds me so much of Daku Island in Siargao.

 The island is adorned with pearls. It is very well maintained and you really get your money's worth. Entrance fee can be quite expensive if you travel by two. We travelled in group so the payment was divided into 10 which didnt hurt our wallets that much. It was so worth it.

a For this destination I saved the best one piece that I have that I havent worn yet! I got this  green one piece bathing suit from Zaful and its only under 20$. Its really affordable. The fit is true to size, Im a size medium so I give this an A. The Quality feels quite sturdy but I cant give my final verdict on that yet. For its price I think its really worth it. It also looks the same as the photo on their site. YOU really have to check them out. Like, seriously!

 All in all, it was a vacay well spent! <3

One piece suit from Zaful

Wednesday, June 28, 2017


 Ahhh, Bantayan Island! It has been my 4th visit and the 3rd consecutive year that ive been coming here. Its still the same. It still has its charm. Surprisingly I felt at home when I got there. This place just holds a special spot in my heart!

 I made sure to wear breezy outfits and the pants fit perfectly well. It has slits on both sides and its very light and airy. I can also imagine wearing this pants with a bikini top and a white cover up. You can wear them at the beach, running errands, or to a day and night look. I got these from Zaful. They have a TON of stylish clothes that wont hurt your budget! Not to mention they offer free shipping for 30$. My experience with them is hassle free! Be sure to check them out! 

Top - Online Buy
Pants - Zaful
Slippers from Grendha

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer Ender with Zaful

In my side of the world which is the Philippines, it's summer. 
With only a few weeks left till rainy season, I am grabbing each opportunity to hit the beach, and when you say beach, the number one essential for that is swimsuit/bikinis! 

I am a known bikini hoarder, my family and friends can attest to that. I start collecting during March when summer is about to start. I make sure I have at least 1 new pair before a trip and mix and match my old ones. Sometimes I also sell/giveaway my really old ones.

I recently discovered this website that sells amazing and really cute bikinis : 
They have cute bikinis for all body types.

And boy the bikini hoarder in me got giddy!

This is to all my sexy people out there! If you want to flaunt your curvy hips this one's for you. The string above the pantyline gives hungs to your curves and well, simply put it will emphasize your curves.

For girls on the medium category like me, (yas I am a size medium already) Mid waists are perfect to cover up those little belly bulges! 

And lastly, the high waisted bikini, perfect for all shapes and sizes. Not to mention how cute are those scalloped pattern and bikini wraps?

Not to mention they are quite very affordable. They also offer free shipping for orders 30$ above!

Make the most out of summer mermaids! Stay wet! ;)

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Sneaker Number 4: Adidas Stan Smith Floral Limited Edition

So, I altered a dress. This dress is actually plain without those pearls (yes I sew them myself and yes I know how to duh haha). Also, this dress has a really long sleeves. Its thick cotton and I just couldnt bear wearing it because its too hot in this tropical country. Not to mention its high neck. 

Since I didnt want to let this dress go just yet. I took a risk, cut off the sleeves into the length of my preference and voila! I can now see myself wearing this often. So I took this out for a spin and totally love the revamped look. Along with this dress, I also tested out my fourth sneakers, the floral Stan smiths.  I am so so so in love with this sneakers! Its a good thing that my Tita is from London and I was able to ask a favor from her to get me this as this was apparently limited edition!

This is my first look with the shoes and I plan to pair this with jeans, midi skirts, and shorts to see how versatile these sneakers can go.

What do you think?

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Olive Green and Sneaker Number 3: Converse All White Mesh

I used to hate the color green.  Growing up I didnt knew there were other shades of green and other shades of pink, red, etc and even white (off white, dirty white). I mean I still dont love GREEN like the Mother of all GREENS like Green but, I love its children, specifically Olive Green. Never thought I'd like olive green. And I'd never thought the color would actually compliment my skin tone.

I got this Olive Green bodysuit at F21 along with my faux leather skirt. Ive been shopping at Forever21 since forever and lately their collections are just so damn cute.

Btw, I am already on Sneakers number 3. For those of you who doesnt know I hate sneakers and I have recently become a convert, my first one's from Keds x Taylor Swift collection. It was red and full of glitters! Haha still incorporated the girl in me. My second sneaks is an all white slim converse because I like dainty sneaks. My 3rd one though is not dainty, not glittery, its still all white but its mesh, something that still holds my style. This is a very risky sneaks since I like to keep my sneakers very ME but well you gotta widen your horizons haha and surprisingly I love it.

To date I already own 5 sneakers, 2 from Keds, 2 from Converse and 1 from Adidas. Sneaker #4 and 5 soon! Also, 3 of my sneakers were given as a Valentines Gift, Random Gift and Anniversary Gift from the most supportive boyfriend ever who also doesnt tire taking my photos! I love you to bits!

F21 Bodysuit and Skirt
Converse Sneakers
Charles and Keith Bag
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