Friday, November 18, 2016

Squash For Hue

Now, you might be wondering what's up with my title. Actually its just a mash up of the brands that I am wearing in this post! Harharhar

I got my top at Squash Clothing, Tulle Skirt at For Me (One of the gems I found at their SALE rack!), and my Red Studded (Killer) Flats at Hue Manila. It's crazy cause my boyfriend got a small wound on his knee because of these studs! Good to know though that I actually have a secret weapon when the situation arises! Hahaha

Wore this outfit running some errands and a client meeting. In one of the photos above you can see that I was holding a transparent umbrella, I'm actually selling them (Shameless plug!!!) You can check @coleensemblesbycoleen on IG for more items :)

Also, say hello to my really cute beachkin bag! Ive always wanted to get one! This is actually my October bag. I have a rule of wearing one bag per month. So I change bags monthly! This is to avoid changing bags too often and misplacing some of my important stuff. Haha.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Slip On

In my line of work, I am expected to wear heels when I meet with clients. Okay maybe that's not always the case, but that's just my mindset. You got to be super presentable when you're selling millions so why not look like millions?

I wore this ensemble when I thought I had a possible client meeting. And yes I was wearing slip-ons and thought that my outfit really went well with the slip ons. Never thought I could combine such ensemble. Haha! And no, I didn't wore this flats to the meeting.

 The blazer that I'm wearing is actually one of the things I got at Pop Distict Bazaar last September. I love it!

Do I look like millions regardless if I'm wearing the slip ons? No? Maybe just 999,000? Harhar

Old Top
Forever 21 Midi Skirt
Squash Clothing Blazer
Stylehood Slip Ons

Monday, October 24, 2016

Cat Cafe Cebu

A few weeks ago, I was able to visit Cat Cafe Cebu. I'm not sure which country this concept originated, I'm sure I've read that somewhere. Anyways, it was actually a very random visit. I was at SM Seaside Cebu picking up a few groceries for dinner (I cook. And its actually one of the things I love doing), I was looking for a really nice and quiet spot to take my outfit shots when I found Cat Cafe.  So this is just one of my lazy looks. Ive been abusing this mesh faux leather leggings as of late and my very worn out but trusty slip on's from Stylehood. Popped on a really cute shirt and sunnies and you have lazy-not-really-look. Sometimes sunnies can make your look instantly stylish. In my case, I think its my leggings. Theyre not your ordinary!

So we quickly snapped some outfit photos and went inside Cat Cafe. We found out that this was the same Cat Cafe located in Guadalupe. They're no longer available there. You can now find them at SM Seaside Skypark.

I am not a cat lover but I like cats! Except, their fur triggers my asthma so I cant really squeeze the cuteness out of them even if I wanted too.

Those are some of the cats you can find at Cat Cafe! Im not very familiar with their breeds though. But arent they adorable?!!!!

Visiting the cats at Cat Cafe is for free! No door fees. You just have to order something from their menu. We just had lunch when we went there so we opted for a dessert. We got their Fruit Parfait! I was expecting Fruits with Yogurt but we got Fruits topped with Whip Cream instead! Haha

Surplus Shop Top
Oasap Leggings
Stylehood Slip Ons
Bazaar Find Sunnies
Casio Rose Gold Watch

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Kind of Parties You Attend At 26

Life is so much different after the age of 23. The parties you attend now have become christenings, kid's birthdays, weddings, bridal showers and etc. Friends left and right are getting married, or  are having a baby and I'm just here at 26, feeling lost and still havent figured out what to do with my life. I know I'm not alone though, at least the thought is comforting.  Haha

So, for my godchild's 1st birthday party, I wore this ensemble. The mom, which is a very close friend of mine told me the theme would be sparkly/glittery and girly.

I opted for this pink turtleneck top to maintain class (I find turtleneck tops really classy) paired with my Tulle midi skirt which I super love! I got them at SM Department Store Girls Teens Wear for 450 only! It was on SALE. Again, SALE racks have treasures. Haha. Lastly, capped off my look with my beige lace up flats from Sheos Manila.

What do you think?
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