Thursday, April 24, 2014

Getting the hang

 aaaahhhhh!! finally after a very long hiatus, i have found the luxury of time to blog! I guess i could never abandon this baby. writing (typing) keeps me sane! I have been crazy busy with all the graduation requirements i have to do and the graduation itself, i dont even have time to take some outfit shots! but truth be told, i have grown tired of taking outfit shots, like photo sets. So, i am going to make some changes around here. I will no longer take sets of photos for one outfit, itll only be one photo per outfit or two. The most important thing is i can blog about it. If you like to stay and see the changes, thanks! If not, its okay. Im blogging for myself and no one else! :)

Now lets proceed to my outfit, i wore this outfit to my sisters annual family day.

I was actually a bit "hung-over" this day and i had to wake up a little early than my usual so i could attend the event. Since the family day fell on a Sunday and Saturdays are usually my "night-out" days. I was in a bad state that morning and all i could do was laugh at my sisters presentation together with her class! HAHAHA sounds bully, i know, but hey we all have those days where we are just really mean, and this blog will be nothing but honesty ;) no room for bullshit here! But anyway, the great part of the day was the FOOOOD!!! HAHA Lechon iss the best, we cebuanos take pride for that.

And as always i  enjoyed the festivities no matter what the state i was in. And what contributed was feeling good about yourself and one of those things is wearing something that makes you feel confident. Like this galaxy top from WAGW and black skater skirt! Its just the nitty gritty but as long as you pull everything off with confidence i think you can convince people that you look good!


Skirt-Downtown Finds
Flats-SM parisian
Bag-SM Parisian
WAtch- Cotton On

Friday, February 21, 2014


Hell--oooo! I wanna take this moment to thank youuuu for visiting my blog! And if youre reading this thank you as well for taking the time. I just wanna tell everyone that from now on, i will no longer focus on this blog though i will still be updating from time to time, when i like. The thing is, i will no longer take photos of myself like its an obligation i need to do, i will only do it, when i like. So expect some looong hiatus-es and thank you so much for the time!

I wore this outfit to meet up with an old friend the day i came home from Davao! And boooy i did not regret getting this black top from F21! HAHA and also this skirt from WAGW which i got in time for the holidays! Not all that glitters are gold, sometimes its silver. HAHAHA

Pardon my photos, there is something wrong with the camera im using. The AF (Auto Focus) doesnt work anymore. If you know something, do tell! haha

Photos of me by; Mark!


Friday, February 7, 2014

Sky Garden

Its Friday!! And finally things have gotten a little lighter right now, just a little. Im still thankful im able to squeeze some time for this. Looks different right? Well honestly, i am fond of headpieces, headwears and the likes. But i am not a fan of baseball caps, theyre soo masculine. I always like me with a touch of femininity. But i am not closing my doors on changes, change is good, always good right? Sooo finally, after 4 years, i have finally used this cap from Terranova on my way to SM Lanang in Davao. I had this for such a loong time andd even if it still has a touch of my girly girl side, i just can't find it in my heart to use it. 

This trip was such a great oppurtunity for me to experiment things because im not from there and nobody really knows me there if i had an outfit fail! HAHA but really? is there such thing as that? Fashion is all about expressing yourself through your clothes. Its art. And each piece of art is always unique, just like each of our own styles are unique yes?

Here in Cebu, we have two SM Malls, and one currently under construction, so that makes it 3. But the two operational malls doesnt have SkyGarden. Its like Terraces-ish. Gardens and Fountains and establishments everywhere. You get the picture. Its all about the ambiance. #Touristy right? HAHA

So, for my outfit, i wore my pin stripes polo from SM GTW and a denim shorts. Theyre just basic pieces thrown into one and et voila! 

We took this shot just before the sun sets, honestly, ive been to Davao twice but there's something about the sunset thats so clear from there. You could really call it the golden hour. 

Pinstripes Polo-SM GTW
Gold Belt-Old
Denim SHorts-Old
CHain Necklace- Cotton On
Shoes- SM Parisian

What do you think?
X and O's

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Hiyyyya! Found a little time to spare for this blog!! I just got home from an intense yoga session. Its my stress reliever. Am i stress? Hell yes! Work has taken up sooo much of my time :( And all the things in between! Like graduation requirements, tons of them actually, so as much as possible during my free time, i do something "healthy" like exercise and the likes. Or relax, like watch a movie or spend time with friends. I barely go online anymore! So that is why, it is already February and im still stuck with my Davao posts which is from December haha

Wore this outfit to another day around Davao, and this time around with my other brother Chaddy! He took my photos for this day as well! Hooray! I actually planned to bring all my new and unused clothes for this trip and this top was one of the things that really caught my eye on the racks of WAGW. I love that the sleeve is long but it still shows your arms, its sort of a slit! 

Paired by one of my favorite leather shorts from WAGW as well! 

Top and Bottom-WAGW
Shoes-SM Parisian
Necklace-Cotton On
Fedora Hat-SM Accessories

Hope you like itt! :)


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Leopard and Lace

Holla! From DVO City! Kidding! Though these photos are taken at Abreeza Mall in Davao just over the holidays. Exactly after Christmas, i finally had a glimpse of what the city has to offer and it was a great experience though minus the HEAVY traffic. HEAVIER than Cebu. Though nothing beats home! I know i have lots of backlog posts, like 2013 posts HAHA i apologize for the lack of updates. Its been really crazy here. I am also going through a rough phase in my life, to the point of asking myself if i should stop this blog! I just dont enjoy it anymore as much as i do before. Sighs.

Anyway, I wore this outfit at the airport and went straight ahead to hit the malls when i got there. Talk about shopping euphoria! HAHA they had shops there thats not here in Cebu which made me sooooo excited! I dont wanna spoil though, i still have two mroe Davao posts to fill for you guys! So i hope you would stay tuned for that.

Wore my Leopard shirt going there for comfort since my flight was a little too early in the morning and of course flying in loose pants is ideal. I was very amazed by the architecture of Abreeza, every mall is different from the other but are still somehow connected.

I swear i did a lot of touristy things there like wanting to have my picture taken here! Where the water sprouts taller than me. We do NOT have this in Ayala Center Cebu! HAHA
This is not just some pants though, theyre my favorite. Ive been always having a hard time finding the "right" pair of square pants, wide leg pants for myself. Pants are tricky, they can make or break your legs HAHAHA

More on my Davao Trip soon! Been really busy with graduation stuffs and everything else ni between!

Shoes-SM Parisian

Special Thanks to my Sister Leera for taking the shots <3
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