Sunday, September 11, 2016

Baby Friendly

 Since Little Noah came into my life, my big sister instincts has become more maternal. I feel more like a Mom than an Ate to him. I feel a lot of emotions. I get proud of every development Noah makes. I make sure to give him whatever he needs. When we learned my Mom was pregnant, I was the first to anticipate what the baby might need. There was a time when all my shopping expenses were all for Noah and none for me. And it still felt gratifying. I sacrificed a bit of myself for him and that includes my OOTD's. Haha.

Aside from the baby affecting how I dress up, I can also say that it comes with age. Long gone are the mini + body hugging dresses (although I kept my favorites haha). I never saw myself wearing culottes. My hemlines have dramatically changed. I am more of a flats girl than a heels girl now. I fell in love with sneakers. 

One of the things I consider when picking out an outfit is where I'll be going, who I'll be with and what the activities I'll be doing for the day. And for this day, we went to the mall and shopped for Noah with the baby tagging along. I made sure I was wearing something with sleeves because our baby is at the stage where he drools.  I  just dont want him drooling on my skin because I applied some products like lotion and whatnot. Most importantly I made sure to wear a comfy flats and jeans. Speaking of jeans, I got these at Surplus Shop, I swear they have really good finds there! Also I got my Top at F21 at 250 PH Peso only! Steal!

What do you think?

Top and Inner Tank - Forever 21
Jeans- Surplus Shop
Flats- Hue Manila

Photos by Arlo Villasin and Phil Evardo

Pop District Bazaar

 Ever since I started blogging in 2011,( It was still  Wordpress back then) I have always expressed my love for bazaars. Im not so sure why but it feels very festive to me. Maybe its the fact that people who go there are in a shopping kind of mood - and it just gets to you. It makes me happy. It reminds me of Christmas. Wow, do I sound like a shopaholic? HAHAHA

 I mean yeah, there are downsides to it. Like it can get really crowded and since there are just TOO MANY shops to choose from, it gets really confusing. I didnt even know where to go first, what to get, how I'll be able to bring all my shopping bags home... there's too much a girl could only think about.

 But the upside to it is you definitely get to fin a LOT of things - knick knacks, trinkets, clothes, and some really cute stuff that you dont usually find in the malls. Most bazaars too are composed of food stallswhich works for me and my post-shopping HANGRY state haha

Pop District Bazaar is one huge Bazaar. It is usually held at Oakridge Pavilion in Cebu. The venue itself is 1200sqm and they occupy almost 3/4 of it if I am not mistaken. Did I already say it was really huge?! Not sure how much number of stalls can be found inside but a rough estimate would be 60? And not to mention there are stalls located outside of the Pavilion which consists of FOOD. Speaking of Food, Bagnet Republic (Republiq?) is the bomb! 

 This was Pop District Bazaar's first anniversary, which they started in Cebu last September; although they also had one during the summer. I just wish they'll have another one this December (fingers crossed!!).
Here are some of the stalls in the bazaar that really caught my attention . Some are just grandiose with their  displays. They just looked so darn pretty! Dont you agree?

 Made sure I was in my comfiest shoes AKA sneakers (Filling in the gaps: I am a sneakerhead convert, so far I have two, a glittery Keds and this classic all white converse. Planning to add two or three more before the year ends! HAHA). I got 4 items in the bazaar. Damage?  820 pesos! That already consists of a really cute light peach blazer and a Scalloped Cut blazer in peach still, just a bit darker. By the way both blazers are super light weight and really breathable, perfect for that tropical Philippine weather. Also, I got a choker and 2 pairs of bib for my baby brother!

   Also, for a short girl like me, I have found the perfect jeans. Theyre called Cropped Skinny. I got mine at Bershka. Its perfect for sneakers!

Hope you enjoyed my Pop District Bazaar cover! Stay tuned as my next post will be something really interesting. Clue: Babies and Outfit!

Off Shoulder Bodysuit and Pants- Bershka
Choker-Bazaar Find
Converse All White

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Dont you love the color Beige? Or nude? I mean technically they are under the same color scheme. The color looks very neutral but it can look elegant. It looks simple but it can look professional. Its a color you should be stocking up on your closet.

Lately, Ive been drawn to the color beige or the beige - or better yet, beige with a hint of pastel pink. Im not sure if there's a name for that already? Like beink? Harhar Kidding aside, this is me, clad in a beige color scheme and in an all Forever 21 outfit. Yes, after all these years Forever21 still gets me. Even with H&M, Pull & Bear, Zara, Bershka ( I do love Bershka, they're like second to Forever21 on my go to shops), Cotton On, Mango, Topshop and so much more shops that opened here in Cebu, Nothing beats a Forever21 SALE! Right? Right!

I got all of these items that I am wearing for 1599 Philippine Peso only plus a red blazer! It was one of those BOGO SALE's that they were having. Score right? Four items for 1599? Hands down to Forever21!!

Wore this outfit to our event for work. We had a launching of all our 8th floor units. (Filling in the gaps: I work at Mandani Bay under the Management of HT Land Inc (HongKong Land and Taft Properties Partnership) and I am in Sales. I sell Condos. )So to dress up for the occasion, I picked this ensemble because it's so versatile. I can practically wear it from day til night. I just popped on the blazer for work and took them off for a night of shopping at the Pop District Bazaar!! More on that soon! 

Also changed my heels into flats cos lets be practical.
What do you think?

Dress, Blazer and Heels- Forever21

X and O's


Photos by Phil Evardo

Sunday, September 4, 2016


Getting consistent are we? Haha! Yup I am on to my second comeback post! Still working on my domain!
For today's post, I'm gonna show you a secret spot and a really quaint pastry shop in the busy streets of Lahug, Cebu - Marisse Patisserie. Located at 32 Sanson by Rockwell, it boasts a really picturesque and instagrammable interior. See for yourself!

 Fun fact: Filling in the gap, I used to work for 32 Sanson by Rockwell as a Sales Executive but mahina ang benta ng ate mo, so I left the company. Haha! (Cos I kinda have to) Nothing but honesty here guys. Although I have nothing but praises for its management. Rockwell showed me the world and opportunities of Sales, hence that is where my career path is headed now.

Now before this post becomes all about my career lets stick to the story of the outfit!

 I already knew we were heading to Marisse. Now this shop wasn't there when I was still working for Rockwell so it was a first for me since the boyfriend had broker duties to attend to next door so I decided to check it out.

 It so happened that my baby brother (yup! filling in the gaps again: I have a baby brother! like an infant baby brother) turned 3 months that day,  so we brought him there. Originally, I wanted to wear something feminine to be at par with Marisse's interior, but knowing our baby will be coming with us, I decided not to push through.

Also, the weather has dramatically changed. Its already September and the heat still feels like summer. So guys, let us do our job to take care of Mother Earth, please! The weather affects my decision making in "Hmm what should I wear?"

I ended up wearing with a fuss free top and a denim pencil skirt which I got on SALE!!! I was thinking "What could I possibly add to make this more stylish?" But the heat says "Nope, stay in your tank top."
Capped off my outfit with  pointy, studded flats.

Blue Tank- Forever21
Denim Pencil Skirt-Forever21
Red Belt- Uniqlo
Mint Studded Flats- Tutum



Friday, September 2, 2016


After a loooooong hiatus, I am finally back to blogging. Just a few pounds heavier, a year older and wiser. So much has happened since the last time I made a blog entry, I thought that time was really my come back but alas it wasn't. I tried so hard to keep this blog alive then but it wasn't possible. Work beckons. My gadgets wont cooperate with me and I didn't want to sacrifice the quality of my content just to be able to blog for the sake of it.

Now I can really say that I am back, and hopefully for good this time. When I told a good old friend of mine that I was going back to blogging, he said, "You'll have lot's of competition this time." And I thought to myself, "Yes, I will." But you know what, that's not really why I'm into this. My purpose for this blog is to express myself through fashion and hone my writing skills.

To fill you in during my hiatus, I've been to places (locally) which I really wished I was able to make an entry and I have discovered my love for make-ups. Yay for more things to blog about!

Now on to my outfit:"I used to shy away from garterized off-shoulders 'cause I couldn't - AND STILL CAN'T - stand the hassle of pulling it back down in its place whenever it goes up, although dont get me wrong, I LOVE OFF SHOULDERS!! Recently, I found a hack on how to make it stay in its place and from then I went full blast in buying them. Video on that soon! (Working on a youtube channel cos gotta keep up!)

As for my jeans, I finally found the perfect distressed skinny jeans at Bershka, its my go to shop for jeans and basically everything! I am so happy that they are already in Cebu! And lastly to cap my outfit, my trusty sparkly pair from Cotton On which is the epitome of comfort. Always good to leave a little sparkle on your step!

Floral Off Shoulder Top- Surplus Shop
Distressed Jeans- Bershka
Silver Sparkly Flats- Cotton ON

P.S Working on getting a domain name! Much Love, Coleen xo

Photos by: Phil Evardo

Monday, June 30, 2014

Hair it is

Okay. So i cut my hair. No big deal. It was foreseen actually! But wait, its actually a big deal! Huhu because the length of my hair is only nice for straight hairs. But my natural locks are big and wavy and i have a really thick hair. Ugh. But moving on, im glad i got rid of my ombre. It was nice for a while. But now i want to tone down my look. 

And due to this event of my life. I have come to realize that, i can NEVER ever picture myself having a permanent straight hair anymore. Which is what i was accustomed to growing up. 

I will always miss my big waves. And the fact how those waves are so effortless. I dont even brush my hair. And the thing with straight hair is they look so prim and proper. I like my curls very well. They look fun! So with that said, once my hair would grow back in its usual bra length, im off to the salon again for what seems like an annual digital perm. 

Im such a bun kinda girl. So perm works for me. As of this writing i also realized a lot of things, like the fact that i am knowing myself more. Okay now that sounds deep. Familiar view right?
Well for those who know me will know where i am. And yes i paid a visit to my dear alma mater. Which i miss so much already. Ohh the days of financially dependent is long gone. Actually i just went there to check on my TOR and Diploma which is alas, unavailabe for me just yet. And went off to Jonas Borces for my hair! Of course i think you know which is the post and pre haircut photos. 

Do tell which one you think suits me?
Id love to know! xo

Old Gold Shirt
Forever21 Jeans
Choies Heels
Old necklace
Accessorize Bag

Sunday, June 29, 2014


Can you feel my love affair with crop tops? It has really evolved this summer. I dont know why. 

Wore this ensemble to lunch with a friend and to pick up my USB full of series episodes. Which my friend kindly downloaded for me! If youre reading this Franc, thanks again! I still owe you! 

Aside from the evolution of my cropped top collection. My shopping skills has also taken me to another level. And thats being wiser. I can now leave clothes i really really like, so i can think about them and so i wont have dead clothes in my closet anymore. This cropped top was one of those, there were only two left and  f21 was going to close for the Holy Week so i had a lot of time to think if i should be getting it. And if its for me. It will still be there when i get back. Thats one of my shopping mantras. 

And lo and behold. Its really mine for the taking! Im not saying im super wiser. Im still weak when it comes to shopping but this is a milestone! 

F21 top
Wagw shorts
Sm parisian heels
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